detach™ “Health Bits” Reward Program

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  • I'd like to just try detach, is there an easy to way to get free sample or at store I can buy in? We have plans to broaden our retail presence in 2019. The best way to try it is with our 1st Try Promo which is at a price point cheaper than in store and delivered right to your door.

  • I’m a big influencer with a ton of followers. Why doesn’t detach just send me free stuff? Congrats on your success, we are very happy for you 👍 It should then be pretty easy to turn referrals over and get comp’d for it. If you legitimately are in our focus market and have a multiple of followers than us, contact us to collaborate.

  • How come I can’t just get paid to post stuff? One of our core values is to bring healthy and nutrition products to as many people as possible. This means making products that are affordable and easily accessible. From time to time we will reward our ambassadors and discuss paid collaboration. That said, our program is about striving for a performance mentality and for that we reward for actual influence (referrals).

  • Is there a cash compensation component? We are working to incorporate that into our program but for now do on an opportunistic basis. Meaning, how our you currently performing? At our program scale this will only apply to the top percentage of performers who earn enough in referrals to warrant cutting checks or transferring funds.

  • Still have questions? Contact Us