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Plant Based Nutrition | The detach™ Story | Original

From Plants, To Passion, Then Product

The detach story is a simple one. My name is Stathy and I am the founder of detach. I've been very fortunate and am extremely grateful to have grown up in a household encouraging diverse cooking and lots of plant based meals. I specifically remember when competing in high school wrestling, crafting a plant-based diet to remain energetic and functional while drastically cutting weight to meet certain weight categories. I'm glad I no longer have to cut weight like that! but along the way I learned valuable lessons and created invaluable habits that would benefit me throughout my life. I started detach out of a passion to bring plant based products to the market with unique nutritional benefits.

I knew nothing about consumer products when I launched. I started with a simple coconut water hydration beverage with added functional benefits using protein building blocks called amino acids. After years of continued collaboration with customers like yourself, nutritionists, coaches and doctors, our formula evolved. We continue to explore new products that focus less on hype and more on plant sourced, great tasting, nutritionally beneficial products that fill a market niche. I invite you to discover what everyone is talking about!

Detach supports charities such as Alzheimers Association, World Bicycle Relief and more.

Values: detach provides much more than tasty hydration; we seek to support and enrich everyone's quality of life. We work to educate, donate, and support initiatives that carry the same values we do. A catalyst to starting detach was supporting Alzheimers research having lost my Father to the disease. A part of the Alzheimers Foundation mission is to live a blanced, healthy life from all perspectives and make the most of each day while we have it to honor those we have lost to Alzheimers. 

Our Products: All of our products are produced in the US, are certified for analysis of non-toxicity and for ingredient purity. We use organic and non-GMO ingredients exclusively from plant based sources.

Although we aim to meet market demands of low calorie and low sugar options, we prefer not to laden our products with fake diet sweeteners. Instead we opt to use small amounts of natural, minimally processed sweeteners like tropical blossom honey, coconut nectar and monk fruit. All these ingredients have been used for thousands of years in our ancestors diets. We also strive to make the products as allergy friendly as possible avoiding grains, soy and nuts.

We often incorporate a nutrition boost through protein building blocks called amino acids. These amino acids are the foundation of ALL proteins and all proteins are digested and processed by your body as amino acids. Amino acids have the highest bio-availability (absorption) and potency to protein. Found everywhere in nature, these foundational ingredients are what the body uses to build and repair muscle, skin and tissue. Amino acids also have additional unique properties and are used by athletes and nutritionists around the world.

You can read more about them on our product pages Products

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