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Find Your Zone, Get In YOUR Zone and Crush It -- The detach™ Story

With an immersed background in competitive sports, our founder, Stathy, has had a lifelong passion for fitness, nutrition and overall well being. While maintaining his busy, travel-filled schedule over the years, and after a serious conversation with his wife on hydration and the need for sustained focus, Stathy set his sights on creating a means for competitive athletes and everyday people to enjoy the benefits of the nutrient-rich hydration drink we know today as DETACH.

After years of continued collaboration with customers like yourself, nutritionists, coaches and doctors, our uniquely delicious formula was finally ready to be delivered. Many nutrition drinks on the market are over-hyped, taste terrible, carry loads of sugar or are all synthetic sweeteners that can have adverse effects on the body. We chose the high road and focused on delivering a great tasting drink with benefits that can be shown through science. We invite you to discover what everyone is talking about from fitness enthusiasts to your everyday athlete.

Detach supports charities such as Alzheimers Association, World Bicycle Relief and more.

Values: DETACH provides much more than tasty hydration; we seek to support and enrich everyone's quality of life. We work to educate, donate, and support initiatives that carry the same values we do. Here are a few of the causes DETACH supports -  The Alzheimers Association, World Bicycle Relief, and The King Ridge Foundation.

Our Products: All DETACH products are light and refreshing, packed with flavor, super hydrating using organic and non-gmo plant based ingredients which are gluten-free. Every product has a nutrition boost through protein building blocks called amino acids. Found everywhere in nature, these foundational ingredients are what the body uses to build and repair muscle, skin and tissue in the body. These protein building blocks also have additional unique properties and are used by athletes and nutritionists around the world. You can read more about them on our product pages Products

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